A Moonlit Hike around Fanshawe Lake

The City of London is teeming with opportunities for outdoor adventure. Fanshawe Lake, on the outskirts of London, is a natural oasis. It plays a central role in most of our hiking adventures. From short fishing trips to mountain biking trips around the lake, we seem to hike around Fanshawe once a week. We will continue to share adventures from in and around the lake, but for now, we’re going to present a unique opportunity to see a starry sky: A moonlit hike!

Fanshawe Lake is a conservation area located in London (Ontario). It is actively managed by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. The lake boasts 3,000 acres of protected environment that offers camping (both seasonal and overnight), boating, canoe and kayak rentals, hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, bird watching, and fishing. It is open from early May to late October each year, and you can still access most of the areas during the off-season. This means you can hike around Fanshawe all year long.

An Adult-Only Hike Around Fanshawe

We’ve hiked and biked the trails over a hundred times at this point. However, we’d only ever done so during the day. Given the current climate surrounding COVID-19 in the region, date night creativity is at an all-time high. So this was our latest adventurous idea.

We began our hike as the sun set and walked 2.5km counter-clockwise from the main gate entrance until we arrived at the lookout point just behind Forest City National golf course. The walk from the trailhead to the lookout point was a little stressful as it took some time for us to adjust to walking in the dark. As the stress faded we were treated to a stunning moonlit sky that caused us both to pause and enjoy the moment.

Nighttime Gear

The walk would not have been possible without each of us wearing headlights. So I dug through our camping equipment bins and found two lightweight and bright headlights by Everbeam. There are certainly many options on the market for headlights. We recommend the Everbeam light for its brightness, battery duration, and waterproof factor.

everbeam 650 lumens light at Amazon.ca

Arriving at the lookout point we were rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous night-time view. The sound of the waters of Fanshawe Lake lapping the shore added to the serene novelty of the moment.

The walk back to the trailhead was certainly more relaxed and enjoyable, the conversation flowing more naturally than before.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Fanshawe Lake Conservation Area! We encourage you to safely venture out beyond your comfort zone! What you discover on the other side of comfort will surprise and invigorate you.

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