The Pines: Mountain biking in Woodstock

Our family loves spending time outdoors. We find ourselves on bikes almost every day. So when the boys proposed an afternoon of mountain biking at the Pines in Woodstock, we couldn’t resist. I mean, chores were done, the house was clean … so why not go mountain biking in Woodstock?

Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

These cold weather gloves feature windstopping materials and a zipper for a tight fit. Complete with touchscreen material, allowing you to use your phone in cold weather.

The Pines in Woodstock are a truly unique experience in Southwestern Ontario. The entire network of routes, which can be daunting to understand at first, was re-done this past summer (2020). There are now long and flowing lines that allow all experience levels to enjoy the day.

Location of the Pines in Woodstock

Mountain Biking in Woodstock

As you drive in you will note the parking lot is quite large, though on busy days you can expect to park along the road. There are a porta-potty and a now-outdated trail map on-site.

Trailheads are grouped in hubs and there’s some really, really fun features like birms, jumps, doubles, drops and log gardens.

Jump + Birm on Belgian Waffle

We invite you to visit the trails and we can’t recommend a family membership enough. For $70 per year, you get access to the trails for 2 adults and an unlimited number of kids. The trails are expertly maintained as was evident when the fallen trees from last week’s 100 km/h winds were already cut down and moved out of the way.

Biking in Cooler Weather

As you read this you might be wondering how on earth we managed to enjoy riding so late in November. What the pandemic has taught us is that with the right gear and clothing you can make almost any activity fun. So we layered up, geared up, slipped on gloves, and hit the trails.

When it comes to keeping our hands warm during cooler weathered activities we always reach for Auclair gloves. We’ve been using this brand for over 10 years when we run in the winter, do cross-country (XC) skiing and for late-season riding sessions.

The Auclair Pacer is an affordable pair of light running gloves that double (or triple) as biking and xc skiing gloves.

If you’re looking for something to wear later in the season, and in the dead of winter, the Auclair Honeycomb glove is our pick. With the gloved inner and the mitt cover, these provide the best of both worlds. You’ll find that these keep your fingers extra toasty.

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