The Joys of R/C Cars for Kids and Adults

I still remember my childhood memories. Unpacking gifts on Christmas morning to discover that I had received an R/C car. I was overcome with sheer joy and excitement. In our household, R/C cars for kids were the ultimate Christmas gift. In a few short minutes, I’d be able to drive my very own car! We had batteries, right? MOM?!?

Invariably, the pleasure of playing with the R/C car would slowly wear away, I’d break a part on the car and suddenly it wouldn’t be usable. The initial feeling of dread was quickly replaced with the realization that I could now tear the car apart to learn how it was built.

R/C Cars and the Pandemic

So when I had the fleeting thought that an R/C car or two would be fun for the boys during the COVID-19 pandemic, my initial response was one of trepidation. Will the boys break the cars, and will we be investing in a life of repairs or an R/C graveyard? How can I find a quality car at a reasonable price?

I know, from frequent window shopping, that there are plenty of cheap cars available at our local toy stores. I also know from experience that these cars don’t last more than a couple weeks with aggressive drivers. That meant that anything under $50 would be a waste. I also know that is can be very easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a remote control car, only to then spend hundreds more maintaining it. I knew I was not interested in this type of financial commitment.

Our R/C Car Selection Process

If I was to select an R/C car for the boys, it had to have the following features:

  1. Understandable and usable by young kids (less than 10 years of age)
  2. Well built
  3. Battery operated
  4. Repairable
  5. Fun to drive (fast!)

And so I began my online research. I went to online hobby stores and discovered an array of options that were simply overwhelming. I went to simple online toy stores to discover that their options were cheap, irreparable and slow.

And so I ended up at, for which we have a Prime membership, and began the third leg of my research. The beauty of the Amazon marketplace is the sheer number of reviews you can find. I’ve found that I can generally trust the reviews on Amazon, and by reviewing both positive reviews (5/5 stars) and negative reviews (1/5 stars), I can get a good sense of the quality of the product.

The ‘Sandy Land’ DEERC R/C Car for Kids

And so we made our selection. The ‘Sandy Land’ R/C car for kids met all out criteria, and was affordable too! After checking the price and triumphantly proclaring the cars to cost about $100, we got the approval from Mom. Turns out, we would later learn, that she thought the combined price for the two cars was $100. Oops!

The cars come with replaceable parts (a necessity in my opinion), tools and a spare battery for each. Each battery, when fully charged and used on full power will last 20 minutes per charge. This means we can get about 40 minutes of usage with the two batteries, and that’s proven to be plenty of time for the kids.

R/C Cars for Kids in the Snow

We recently had a gentle snowfall, and as a way to get the kids out of the house, we decided we’d charge up the cars and take them for a spin in the snow. What ensued was pure fun.

R/C Cars Action Videos

The tires provide just enough grip to have fun on the snow covered driveway

A few collisions create a dizzying display of doughnuts in the snow!

I simply cannot recommend this remote control car enough. We’ve run each car for at least 20 hours now and there’s no sign of any ill effects to the wheels, motor, chassis, or battery pack.

The remote for the car is also a good size, can be used by myself or a young child (we have 5 and 7-year olds that make great use of these), and the trimmable speed and steering controls allow you to fine-tune the abilities of the car.

The product specifications claim that it can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour, and though I haven’t tested it, I don’t doubt it. These things are surprisingly fast.

Buying the DEERC RC Car High-Speed Remote Control Car for Kids Adults

We recommend buying it from Amazon, and you can do so below!

Buy the DEERC RC Car High Speed Remote Control Car for Kids & Adults

  • 1:18 Scale 30+ MPH
  • 4WD Off-Road Truck
  • 2.4GHz All Terrain Toy Trucks with 2 Battery, 40+ Mins Play Gifts for Boys
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