Camping LEGO Sets for the Campers in your Life

So the winter months are just around the corner. Perhaps you have a house full of outdoor-minded folk who are already anxiously awaiting the warmer weather to come back. Maybe camping in the great outdoors is their thing. Maybe they love LEGO and are looking for some inspiration. This article features our custom Camping LEGO sets and some of our favorite LEGO sets too!

In our household, we have two young boys that upon stepping foot in the outdoors come to life as the truly adventurous leaders they are. Personalities that can be described as shy, reserved boys instantly become powerful pathfinders; seeking adventures and excitement on the trails, on the waters and in the forest that surround us in Ontario.

You can imagine that camping holds a very important place in our family rituals. There are certainly other rituals and activities that are also near and dear to our hearts.

Our Camping LEGO Sets

I was just reflecting on how LEGO® embeds itself into our lives. And I realized that I play lego as often as I work: Every single day. Seeking for lego pieces in our collection, while engaged in a build, can have a truly calming effect. It clears the way for some truly creative play.

As we’re gearing up for another season of camping in 2021, we decided we’d sit down and build a few travel trailers out of Lego. We often find ourselves building creative scenes with LEGO®, but this time I wanted to attempt to replicate the look and feel of a camping travel trailer. I was inspired by this build idea as we’ve recently purchased a travel trailer for the 2021 camping season.

Our Favorite LEGO® Sets (for camping, campers and outdoor folks)

Having spent far too much time searching for outdoor friendly lego sets we thought it might valuable for us to list our favorites for you. Should you find yourself purchasing these, we hope you find as much enjoyment in these as we did. And maybe, just maybe, these will see you through the winter months; leaving you excited to get to camping soon!

LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 Caravan Family Holiday

LEGO® set: 31108

The newest addition to the LEGO® camping collection, this set released in 2020 includes a station wagon, travel trailer and a number of fun accessories.

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LEGO® City Pickup & Caravan

LEGO® set: 60182

This is a fan favorite at our house. The pickup truck is routinely re-used in many builds and the fact this is a 5th wheeler makes it a truly unique camper.

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LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 Sunshine Surfer Van

Lego set: 31079

We absolutely the colors of this set. And that van, it certainly isn’t branded VW but sure harkens to the days of the Westfalia camping vans.

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LEGO® City Great Vehicles Van & Caravan

Lego set: 60177

A simple set, perfect for very young hands. For such small trailer, the build has an attention to detail that provides an authentic trailer look! And look at the dogs!

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LEGO® City Great Vehicles Kayak Adventure

Lego set: 60240

A small set that includes a kayak, camera and green frog. Our boys have re-purposed the kayak from this set in many creative builds.

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LEGO® Creator Expert Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Lego set: 10220

A truly stunning replica of the VW Westfalia van. Popularized in the latter half of the 20th century, this build has immaculate detailing and with an aftermarket lighting kit, can truly come to life.

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