How to Reinforce your Outsunny Greenhouse

If you’ve been reading our website you are aware that we purchased an Outsunny greenhouse recently. In a previous gardening article, we describe how it is affordable and functional. We’ve slowly been learning its weaknesses and have been reinforcing the greenhouse. And so, we felt it would be useful for other greenhouse owners to understand what steps we’ve taken so far to improve the durability of our Outsunny greenhouse.

Outsunny Greenhouse Fix #1: Anchoring

The greenhouse comes with ropes with small anchors. Toss those anchors out and buy yourself something more significant. We like these anchors from Amazon: Steel Galvanized 12″ Rebar Gardening Stakes.

Next, you’ll want to buy some anchors for the actual steel structure. This was the single most important upgrade we made to the greenhouse. The structure used to shake, rattle, and lift when a strong wind came through. Now, the structure literally never moves thanks to our anchors. We recommend anchors with a diameter wide enough to wrap around the steel tube and secure it into the ground. These are our favorites: 12 inch Ground Rebar Stakes.

Fix #2: Gorilla Tape

We learned this lesson shortly after installing the greenhouse as it survived a battering wind of 120 km/h. In the process, it managed to rip a corner seam pretty significantly.

We decided we’d take this opportunity to re-inforce all 4 corners, seams and some of the sections of the greenhouse cover that were rubbing against the bare metal frame.

Of course, any durable tape will work here, but we recommend Gorilla tape which you can find locally, or online at

Fix #3: Heating

We’re still testing our way through the concept of heating our greenhouse, and if you’re interested, read our articles that cover both some generic heating experiments and specifics on how we’re trying to heat our greenhouse. We’re in a relatively mild Canadian climate (Zone 6A), so we’re trying to keep the greenhouse temperature above 0 degrees celsius.

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