Fisherman’s Point Hike at Fanshawe Lake Trail

The Fanshawe Lake trail is one of our family’s favorite year round destinations. From long runs around the lake to lazy days fishing along the reservoir you will find something to please the entire family. We find ourselves hiking along various sections of this trail regularly. It is both easy to access and easy to hike. Read along to learn about an interesting section of the trail named Fisherman’s Point.

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Fisherman’s Point Trail Head at Fanshawe Lake

Hugging the Thames River, it’s likely that the trailhead was given its name due to it’s proximity to the river.

This section of the Fanshawe Lake trail, which starts with a gently sloping singletrack, finds its way into a dense pine forest. The pine forest includes the infamous Dragon’s Cur. The Dragon’s Cur is a tightly winding black diamond section of the trail. This section of the trail runs parallel to the main trail, eventually rejoining after 1.0 km. This allows you to do a nice 3.0 km loop from the trailhead to the end of Dragon’s Cur. Our young family of 4 manage to complete the loop in just about an hour, depending on how our youngest decides to hike the trail.

Directions to the trailhead

You can park at the parking lot located at the trailhead, and during the off-season you can park along Rebecca road.

Useful Links

  1. Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  2. City of London Parks

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    1. Right???? It is surprising the things that exist just beyond our reach. I was luckily introduced to the trail during my frosh year at Western. It’s become one of my ‘happy places’ and I visit it once a week.

      Perhaps there is a gem waiting for you just outside your reach. 😉

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