A Winter Hike at the Lucan Conservation Area

The word exciting has taken on a new definition this year. In a province-wide lockdown, the word exciting now conjures thoughts of remote forested hikes. We have to do what we can to adventure nowadays! And so the Lucan Conservation Area is the setting for our latest family winter hike.

Our binoculars in action!

Binoculars are a must-have for those who travel outdoors.

We purchased this small set for our kids and they love exploring trees and birds on our hike. Find a pair of binoculars on Amazon.ca by using the button below.

The Lucan Conservation Area

The Lucan Conservation area is located near the little Ausable River in Middlesex County at 5420 Prince William St in Lucan. The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority manages the waterway and area. This conservation area is open 7 days a week, from dawn to dusk.

There is a short and enjoyable 1.0 km trail along the river that meanders through the hardwood forest and flood plain along the waterway. The former Ausable River Conservation Authority purchased the 8 acres of land in 1961.

The Lucan Conservation area is a great place for a picnic. Pack your blanket and basket and enjoy some bird watching along the shores of the Little Ausable River.

Why We Love Winter Hiking

We’ve discovered that hiking in the winter season can be adventurous, engaging and exciting. Here’s a few reasons why we love winter hiking:

  1. Snow transforms the mundane: That trail you’ve often hiked will be transformed into something new as snow blankets it. It will allow you to rediscover something you know well.
  2. Blaze your own path: What might not have been a trail in the summer can suddenly become a trail in the winter. Explore new sections of forests and areas. Be untethered by the path well traveled and set sights on new snowy landscapes!
  3. Epic snowball battles: We live in an urban neighbourhood. Our snowball battles are restricted to our yard. In snowy forested trails we can to fan out and have epic battles as we run through the forest.

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