Outdoor Family Fun at Weldon Park in Arva

Not everyone loves the winter months. I remember moving from Northern Ontario to London and discovering that winters in this area are grey and gloomy. Gone were the bone chilling days bathed in northern sun. I quickly discovered that in order to fight the winter blues I needed to find a reason to get outside. Luckily, London and the surrounding Middlesex county provide many opportunities for outdoor fun. For instance, London has many hiking trails, waterways and parks to explore. Weldon Park in Arva manages to bring together all these activities and so much more! Join us as we explore the beauty of Weldon Park in Arva, Ontario.

Map of Weldon Park, Arva, Ontario

Located just north of the City of London, Weldon Park is a popular destination for local residents. Considered by many locals as the area’s finest park thanks to the baseball, hiking, tennis and fishing opportunities it presents.

What’s more, during the winter months residents find creative uses for the park grounds. Firstly, excited children find their way up, and down, various hills throughout the park via sleds and toboggans. Secondly, curious outdoors folk will be snowshoeing through the oak forest on the east side of the park. Furthermore, you may find a field of snowmen or discover groups of cross-country skiers embarking on an afternoon of exercise.

Other things to do in Arva

While visiting the park, be sure to stop into one of these local artisans and vendors:

  1. The Arva Flour Mill. Billed as Ontario’s oldest water powered flour mill, this property is a gem within Arva. We routinely visit the mill to buy their locally milled flours, and we feature their flours in our crusty whole grain bread recipe.
  2. If you’re getting a little hungry or the kids are flat out hangry, stopping in at Picard’s Peanuts is a great idea. Nuts, chips, treats can be found here and the history behind the Picard family business is remarkable.
  3. Did someone say chocolate? Stop into Annie’s Chocolates for a decadent treat. Need we say more?

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