Hiking Along Medway Creek Trail in London

We recently ventured onto a popular hiking trail in London. The Medway Creek trail is a trail we’ve traveled many times before. However, our last visit was at the outset of Ontario’s first COVID-19 related lock down earlier this year. With the weather hovering around freezing we packed a lunch and set out to discover what the creek has to offer.

Lightweight First Aid Kit for Hiking and Backpacking

If you hike with active kids like we do, we highly recommend packing a lightweight first aid kit. It’s the kind of thing you never need you know until you need it.

The Medway Creek Area

Medway Creek is one of 28 sub-watersheds in the Upper Thames River watershed. The creek begins north of highway 7 (Elginfield) and terminates in the North Branch of the Thames River near Western University in London. The Medway Creek sub-watershed covers an area of 205 square kilometres.

The trails that are part of the Medway Creek provide a diversity of terrain often not seen within London’s boundaries. Well traveled single track dirt paths give way to rock strewn sections that bring back nostalgic memories of rock hopping in creeks as a child. A substantial set of stairs will leave you huffing and puffing. Don’t forget to admire the view from the top. You’ll be presented with a gorgeous bend in the creek. We imagined ourselves taken back to when glaciers formed the area that we now call Medway Creek. And if you close your eyes you can almost visualize the ice moving slowly across the view.

A New Perspective

Sometimes we need a new perspective to appreciate the things we’ve grown accustomed to. It is with this in mind that we present to you our photo album of the Medway Creek trail in black and white.

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