Where to Skate at Wildwood Conservation

The seasonal transitions we experience in Canada are unlike any other. We believe that it is in these transitions that we define what it means to be Canadian. In these transitions we learn resilience, hope and the value of planning. We are now coming out of the coldest and darkest months of the year. Basking in our daily dose of sunshine feels good. As we close the chapter on this season we want to share with you where to skate in Wildwood.

Where to Skate in Wildwood

The first location we are highlighting is the area just east of the marina in the small bay off of the Wildwood Reservoir. This area is actually surprisingly shallow, so we did experience some uneven ice. But that ice was the best ice we found on the entire reservoir we scouted. I suspect it has to do with the sheltered bay and the fact that no one touched the snow during any of the warmer days.

The second location, and the location where we spent the most of our season shovelling and skating is just southwest of the marina. If you’ve visited Wildwood in the warmer months you’ll recognize this area as the boat launch area.

We found many patches of pristine ice in this area, and this is my pick as the best spot on the lake.

And the third popular skating area is actually nearest the beach along County Road 7. We chose not to skate here as it was a heavily trafficked area and well, we wanted some privacy.

If you have recommendations of your own, please let us know in the comment section on this page.

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