MacGregor Point Provincial Park Camping Guide

The MacGregor Point Provincial Park is home to breathtaking sunsets, a rare and fragile marsh ecosystem and 10km of family-friendly biking trails along Lake Huron. With year round camping, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore the many hiking trails in the park. If you’re interested in exploring this wonderful provincial park, the following is our how-to guide to help you make the most out of your trip to MacGregor Provincial Park.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park on the Map

The Park Details

This year we decided to kick-off our camping season earlier than any other year. Having recently purchased a travel trailer, we decided that sub-zero temperatures could not stop us. We visited in mid-March, and the peaceful tranquility of the park was just what we needed.

MacGregor Point is one of the most ecologically diverse natural places along the Lake Huron shoreline. A complex ecosystem unfolds at this all-season park on a seven-kilometre stretch of coast, just south of Port Elgin.

Learn about the carnivorous (meat-eating) plants that make this area their home. The rare Dwarf Lake Iris and the elusive Spotted Turtle appear in the spring. MacGregor Point is a well-known spot to look for migrating birds, including the Black-crowned Night Heron and the American Egret.

Winter visitors can camp in yurts, snow shoe, cross-country ski, and ice skate on a 400 metre skating oval.

Trip Options and Ideas for MacGregor Point

Day trip

MacGregor point is known for its interesting bike path along lake Huron. The old Shore Trail Road is approximately 8km in length, traverses the entire park and when combined with a stellar lake Huron sunset it makes for a memorable trip.

If you’re visiting in the winter, there are 30km of ski trails and even a 400m skating oval.

If birding is more your thing, bring your binoculars and camera as the park is a well-known spot for migrating birds such as the Black-crowned Night Heron and the American Egret.

Weekend or Longer (2 to 4 nights)

Do you have a few days to fill? Great! Tackle the birding and biking options, and consider these other exciting options:

  1. Visit the beach in Port Elgin. Small and full of soft sand, this beach is sure to please young and old.
  2. Drive to Lion’s Head (about 1h north of the park) and hike along the Lion’s Head Lookout trail to marvel at the sheer granite cliffs of the Georgian Bay. Hop along the trail while discovering 10,000 year old rock ‘potholes’.
  3. Tackle the entirety of the trail network within the provincial park. With 7 trails covering over 30km, the trail network will wind you through the most ecologically diverse area on lake Huron.

Lion’s Head Lookout and the Georgian Bay.

Image Gallery from MacGregor Point Provincial Park

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